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  1. Deadzone League update

    This weeks meeting was fairly sparse - only half the people showed up to work on their strike forces. A pair of guys showed up at the store to use a table for a game of WH $40K, and I took the opportunity to show off the Deadzone scenery and figures. They were very interested, and had actually dabbled in Kings of War a bit (and one bought into the Mars Attacks kickstarter). I got their email addresses for my upcoming regional newsletter.

    One fun bit was when a man came in a bit ...
  2. My Dreadball Forge Fathers

    I'm a big Dwarf fan so when I got into Dreadball there was little doubt in my mind which team i'd be playing. Finished these guys up last summer and have played in a few tournaments with them.
    The Slam Adams Blackrocks ...
  3. Dreadball Demo

    Hi all,

    Probationary pathfinder here...

    My name is Christopher Taylor and I Just spent my first day running Demos of Dreadball for some budding young Coaches. We had a couple of people with a one or two games under their belt and 3 who had never tried it.

    Started out with the Corporation and Veer-myn teams for the demos to keep it simple (except one player who decided they wanted to play Zee!), and everyone picked up the game extremely quickly, so much so ...

    Updated 20-04-2014 at 04:19 PM by Christopher Taylor

  4. Dead Zone Demos at Total Wargamer 19/04/14

    Today was a good day for gaming at the FLGS, Total Wargamer in Evesham.

    Reason being, Mantic had a big presence and brought out Dead Zone and Dread Ball for everyone to try out. So with Chris Nicholls as grand over-seer (he'll like that title), myself running Dead Zone and fellow new pathfinder Chris Taylor, we took over a bunch of tables and set up games for everyone to try out.

  5. CincyCon Pig Miniature

    Hello Mantic fans!

    I played in a Kings of War tournament at a convention called CincyCon a few months ago. The convention gave everyone who preregistered a single free miniature. I didn't receive mine at the convention but I was promised that it would arrive in the mail. I just received it today. It's an anthropomorphic pig which is the mascot of the CincyCon convention.

    Here is the package and the note from Jim Fox who ran the convention.
  6. Dead Zone campaign, game four and half way mark


    This latest update is of most importance as the situation on the ground has changed. The 301sts task of putting down the rebellion has been hampered by an interception by Marauders.

    The team had moved to capture new ground they believed the rebels were occupying, however when the first shots were fired they were not from rebel weapons, they were from well equipped and well trained Marauders. The team moved to engage and targeted Marauder specialists, Midnight ...
  7. Beginning our DeadZone League

    So far we have 10 players - 3 Plague, 3 Enforcers, 2 Marauders and 2 Rebs - a pretty nice distribution. Six people showed up last night and a couple games were played - my Marauders fought against Jason's Enforcers - starting out by having my Rainmaker suit take a rocket to the face and getting himself killed on the first activation of the game. I slowly managed to crawl back and eliminated the enforcers one by one, only taking two more casualties and winning the game. Meanwhile Amy's Plague ...
  8. Salute 2014

    This year at Salute I was running the demo/participation Kings of War game with fellow Pathfinder John Austin.

    We had Dwarfs and Abyssal Dwarfs squaring off against each other as a prelude to the new Hellfire & Stone campaign book which is coming out soon. Troll Trader were hosting us in their area and had lots of KoW goodies on sale including the new units from the book (Bulwalkers, Bombard and Sveri Egilax). The new Abysaal Dwarf character was not quite ready to go on sale however. ...
  9. Pathfinding: Agresor Gaming Club

    Went down to the weekly Agresor gaming club last Sunday with Deadzone.

    The club is a very informal setup, basically each weekend one of the guys on the list of people deemed responsible enough gets a key to one or more of the rooms at the Warsaw University of Technology and people from all over can come in and use the space for gaming - people usually set up game sessions in advance so it's not the best space for ...
  10. Back to Epic Loot

    I was fairly excited about having the store ask me to come and demo Deadzone - I didn't feel the previous demo in October went all that well (though I did end up getting a 40K player to buy and orc army and join our league), but Christy said they were going to push this.

    I get there, and they have two tables reserved for me - better to have too much space than too little. Not only that, but someone is waiting for me.

    He has apparently participated in ALL the mantic ...
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