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  1. Beginning our DeadZone League

    So far we have 10 players - 3 Plague, 3 Enforcers, 2 Marauders and 2 Rebs - a pretty nice distribution. Six people showed up last night and a couple games were played - my Marauders fought against Jason's Enforcers - starting out by having my Rainmaker suit take a rocket to the face and getting himself killed on the first activation of the game. I slowly managed to crawl back and eliminated the enforcers one by one, only taking two more casualties and winning the game. Meanwhile Amy's Plague ...
  2. Salute 2014

    This year at Salute I was running the demo/participation Kings of War game with fellow Pathfinder John Austin.

    We had Dwarfs and Abyssal Dwarfs squaring off against each other as a prelude to the new Hellfire & Stone campaign book which is coming out soon. Troll Trader were hosting us in their area and had lots of KoW goodies on sale including the new units from the book (Bulwalkers, Bombard and Sveri Egilax). The new Abysaal Dwarf character was not quite ready to go on sale however. ...
  3. Pathfinding: Agresor Gaming Club

    Went down to the weekly Agresor gaming club last Sunday with Deadzone.

    The club is a very informal setup, basically each weekend one of the guys on the list of people deemed responsible enough gets a key to one or more of the rooms at the Warsaw University of Technology and people from all over can come in and use the space for gaming - people usually set up game sessions in advance so it's not the best space for ...
  4. Back to Epic Loot

    I was fairly excited about having the store ask me to come and demo Deadzone - I didn't feel the previous demo in October went all that well (though I did end up getting a 40K player to buy and orc army and join our league), but Christy said they were going to push this.

    I get there, and they have two tables reserved for me - better to have too much space than too little. Not only that, but someone is waiting for me.

    He has apparently participated in ALL the mantic ...
  5. T minus 13 days

    by , 14-04-2014 at 09:58 AM (Random ramblings on orcs, elves and everything inbetween)
    My Orcs will get their first competitive outing at “Clocks of War” event hosted by the War and Peace gaming club on the 27th of April. This is an unusual event; the army size of 800pts is around half that of all other KoW events but there is a good reason for this. The games are timed with the final games being just 15mins per player!
    I’m using the units that form my 1600pt “Pathfinder event” list as these units are nearing completion and the thought of building and painting more models ...
  6. Basilean Sisterhood, thoughts on the model figures.

    I really like the Basilean Sisterhood minis and I'm thinking about building an army around them. However one problem I have with the models is those darn flails. Have a look at this picture from the Basilean book......


    .......Wouldn't you say that the Sister holding the banner is about to get a bad case of concussion from the Sister standing next to her who doesn't seem to be paying much attention to what she's doing. The flails don't look so ...

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  7. Ancient UnDead

    And yes indeed these minis are truly ancient UnDead because they are OOP Grenadier skeletons. Please forgive the not so good photo as my camera is busted and the picture was taken with my daughter's smartphone camera.

    I've had these minis for a while and was at a loss to know what to do with them, but with discovering KoW I decided that ...
  8. International Tabletop Day!

    Last saturday was International Tabletop Day and my local store Athena games invited me down to demo Dreadball for the day. (

    The day was great fun with loads of games on display and a full store. I done a few Dreadball demos but also got to try a few new games, which is why there is a lack of photos in this blog!
    The Dreadball games where great fun and I have another two players in Norwich ...
  9. Pathfinding: Festiwal Luźne Granie

    Last Sunday I had the pleasure of attending another local gaming show/micro-convention. Festiwal Luźne Granie was set up in the building of the Warsaw Ursynów District Office by the combined forces of the Twierdza Gier gaming store and grybezprą gaming news site. The festivities included a Warmachine tournament, Bolt Action presentations, an open Crokinole setup (Crokinole is just plain silly fun, I urge everyone to try it if opportunity arises!), an outdoors activity playground for ...

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  10. Riquende's Roman Kingdom of Men... Part 1: Where I'm at

    Yeah, so besides a lot of assembly I haven't really been working on my Undead that I wanted to blog about. I've found that I've been busy painting so many other things that I just never got the time to sit down and make a start on the 250ish models that need doing.

    However, one thing I have been doing that is loosely related to Kings of war (in that I've got an eye on using them as a Kingdom of Men) is my Hail Caesar Roman army. In my first blog post I showed off all the bases I'd ...
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